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Our Industry Focus

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Hilco Corporate Finance is the investment banking affiliate of Hilco Global – the market leader in valuing and monetizing assets.  Our affiliates provide financial advisory services and capital to middle-market businesses worldwide.

So, our clients benefit not just from our corporate finance relationships, but also the global relationships of our Hilco affiliates.

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Hilco Acetec Featured in El Universal Article

Sep 16, 2015
Hilco Acetec is featured in a leading online Mexican News Publication

This article has been translated from its original source


The industrial real estate auction sector has been increasingly growing and is trending towards growing much more in the near future. If calculated, the industry growth would have a value of about $500 million dollars.

Although 2014 was very difficult due to the uncertainty generated by fiscal reform, we have observed greater activity this year and 2016 promises more. This is due mainly to the opportunities that are anticipated to come from the energy sector.

One of the industry leaders in that sector is Hilco Acetec, which is run by Ildefonso Acevedo. Hilco Acetec has become a market leader in which today there are dozens of specialized companies.

Hilco Acetec started as a Mexican company 22 years ago with a focus on asset valuation, however it was not until 1998 that it completed its first auction in the industrial sector.

Acevedo is 60 years old with degree in mechanical engineering in IPN and with a masters degree in finance. He immediately noticed that this industry had enormous potential, not only with the government, but with the private sector as well.

In 2007 a partnership with the Hilco Organization was initiated. The Hilco organization was already an established 28-year-old multinational company with corporate offices in Northbrook, Illinois and by then had already begun its process of international expansion.

Simultaneously they expanded to Great Britain and Mexico under the direction of the companies’ founder, Jeffrey Hecktman. This provided Acetec with an excellent ally.

Although the American company had a very diversified presence in 14 countries, in Mexico its approach besides the valuations is in the monetization of real estate and industrial assets through public auctions.

Due to Hilco Acetec's expertise, it has been hired to handle the auctions of the SAE of Héctor Orozco for all assets that were awarded to the government which included; real estate, trucks, cars, airplanes, and boats. Earlier this year Acetec sold $82 million pesos worth of goods in a single day.

Also among Hilco Acetec's clients are companies like CEMEX, INFRA, IGSA, AXA, and PepsiCo.

Allies of Hilco Acetec have already sold more than 70 industrial plants, many of them having closed for diverse reasons. Some examples are Rubbermaid, Mattel, Honeywell Automotive, Mitsubishi, Kodak, Komatsu and Otis. They have also commercialized more than 25,000 automobiles.

It is estimated that their current market share in Mexico for selling assets via auction is  30%, whereas in the industrial sector they are the industry leader with an enormous group of private and governmental clients. In the last 5 years, the firm has conducted operations with a commercial value that surpasses $35 billion dollars. It is part of the group of the INDAABIN that is led by Soraya Perez.

With offices in the Mexico City and representations in Guadalajara and Monterrey, Hilco Acetec is projecting valuations and deals worth at least $400 million pesos and with hopes to be able to grow in 2016 at least 20% and the current oil crisis also plays in favor of that activity.

In total Hilco Acetec has a presence in Brazil and Guatemala in addition to their operations throughout Mexico.




Original Article
Source: El Universal

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