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To exceed customer expectations, Hilco Corporate Finance has carefully built our organization to go beyond the traditional investment banking services offered by thousands of competitors.
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Investment Banking Services

Hilco Corporate Finance will identify, evaluate, select and pursue the best options for each unique situation. Our team of experts will formulate value projections, identify counter parties, prepare marketing materials, and assist with the myriad of issues and decisions you may face within your unique situation. Our team of professionals will provide proven leadership and a global reach with a track record of success for middle market companies.

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Added Value Services

We create incremental value in the transaction process for Middle Market Companies. By taking advantage of our extensive platform of services, resident knowledge and global reach we work to identify the intrinsic value of the business asset, deliver a clear approach to maximize and monetize the value of that asset, and provide valuation services including lending, financial reporting, compliance, fairness opinions, tax, and dispute resolution.

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Middle Market Focus

For 30 years Hilco Global has focused on Middle Market customers. We understand the marketplace well. Our corporate finance organization focuses on transactions between $20 and $250 million for small and middle-market companies headquartered in North America and larger companies wishing to acquire, merge or divest divisions.

We are industry agnostic. We have significant experience in retail, consumer products, manufacturing, healthcare, business and professional services, financial services, automotive, energy, technology, among others.

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Hilco Global Report on Retail Reinforces Concerns About Fourth Quarter Sales Slowdown in Wake of China Tariff Concerns

Aug 22, 2019

Hilco Global has issued a timely and relevant perspective on the current tariff-driven issues facing U.S. Retailers. 

Retailers Face Tough Decisions as China Tariff Pressures Mount, authored by Tim Anderson, Sr. Vice President of Hilco Valuation Services/Retail Appraisal Operations, examines the distinct challenges now facing U.S. retailers, the actions those retailers are taking in the face of trade uncertainty, and how asset-based lenders should be thinking about their retail portfolios during this time period.

As concern continues to escalate within the sector that what began as a temporary negotiating tool by the U.S. may become standard operating procedure in long-term trans-Pacific trade, many retailers are grappling with decisions that down the road may be difficult to reverse should the trade climate change course again.

“A key challenge for retailers in the current environment is to solve the puzzle for maintaining profitable margin,” says Anderson. “The retail trend data that Hilco has amassed via our extensive work across the sector provides us with both a historical perspective on how this may best be accomplished as well as a deep understanding of the relationship between those margin-driven actions and the ultimate valuation of retail inventories.”

To obtain a copy of the report or schedule an interview with Tim Anderson, contact Gary Epstein- Chief Marketing Officer, Hilco Global at gepstein@hilcoglobal.com or 847-418-2712.

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