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Providing unmatched creativity and leveraging Hilco Global's unique reach and relationships,  Hilco Corporate Finance is re-imagining investment banking advisory for the Middle Market.
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Our Vision

Hilco Corporate Finance, a boutique investment banking advisor affiliated with Hilco Global, provides unmatched creativity and relentless support to our clients.  Our seasoned team of professionals specializes in comprehensive advisory services to private & public companies, private equity groups, family offices, and entrepreneurs.

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Our Industry Focus


Our Industry Focus

Hilco Global

Hilco Corporate Finance is the investment banking affiliate of Hilco Global – the market leader in valuing and monetizing assets.  Our affiliates provide financial advisory services and capital to middle-market businesses worldwide.

So, our clients benefit not just from our corporate finance relationships, but also the global relationships of our Hilco affiliates.

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CareerFlex, an Innovative Tech-Enabled Outplacement Service Launches

Nov 14, 2019

The new cloud-based platform is specifically designed to offset traditional outplacement hurdles. Convenient, comprehensive, and cost effective, our technology prepares your displaced team members for their next chapter while helping you get the most out of your closing event.

An innovative new tech-enabled outplacement service cloud-based platform, CareerFlex.com, launches today. The service is designed to help empower employees impacted by store closings and other reduction-in-force events by onboarding, educating, and supporting them through the transition process.  The new platform also provides benefits to liquidators and retailers by offering a service that will help retain employees, strengthen overall morale, increase performance, and provide positive public and employee relations during the transition process.

CareerFlex offers services to help alleviate some of the challenges that organizations, in particular retailers, encounter when faced with having to close locations, whether through bankruptcy, mergers & acquisitions, or shuttering unprofitable stores. Engaging with CareerFlex, companies are able to offer employees coaching through the job transition, listings of potential job opportunities, and other valuable qualifications such as a letter of recommendation. Employees may also benefit from 24/7 online customer support and access to powerful tools they wouldn’t otherwise have, including an intuitive and state of the art resume builder, a network email builder, job application tracker, and a video learning center. This may result in increased team member morale and improved organizational performance. Clients that have benefited from CareerFlex’s service include:  Gymboree, Charming Charlie, Topshop, Things Remembered, Avenue, and National Stores, and more.

Cheney Renfroe, HR Director for National Stores and client of CareerFlex, says "The CareerFlex program, along with their letter of recommendation, significantly helped retain our staff and increase morale during the store closing process.” She continues, “With CareerFlex, our sale performed better than expected and our employees were given an additional resource and support system.”

The service offers employees a mobile-friendly link where they go to sign up for the service. Once the employee signs up, they receive transitional coaching such as resume writing, interview preparation, and job searching assistance. The employee name also goes into a database that is shared with hiring services and companies in order to potentially match them with a new role following their release. In addition, if the employee stays with the retailer until the end of the store closing event, CareerFlex will provide the employee with a valuable letter of recommendation that the individual can use during their next job search.  

While the focus of the company is assisting retail organizations with an emphasis on store closing events, CareerFlex’s robust array of features are applicable to a variety of downsizing events, including restaurant closings, corporate downsizings, M&As, distribution centers, and other reductions-in-force. 

CareerFlex can also offer any growing company with an outstanding pipeline of new candidates. Thanks to its unique position among retailers, liquidators, and staff, CareerFlex can connect quality talent with any company that’s interested in hiring from our recently displaced talented user base.

Please visit www.CareerFlex.com to learn more about CareerFlex and how they can help support and empower your organization through reduction-in-force events to improve the overall outcomes for both the organization and impacted workers.

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