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Hilco Corporate Finance will identify, evaluate, select and pursue the best options for each unique situation. Our team of experts will formulate value projections, identify counter parties, prepare marketing materials, and assist with the myriad of issues and decisions you may face within your unique situation. Our team of professionals will provide proven leadership and a global reach with a track record of success for middle market companies.

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We create incremental value in the transaction process for Middle Market Companies. By taking advantage of our extensive platform of services, resident knowledge and global reach we work to identify the intrinsic value of the business asset, deliver a clear approach to maximize and monetize the value of that asset, and provide valuation services including lending, financial reporting, compliance, fairness opinions, tax, and dispute resolution.

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For 30 years Hilco Global has focused on Middle Market customers. We understand the marketplace well. Our corporate finance organization focuses on transactions between $20 and $250 million for small and middle-market companies headquartered in North America and larger companies wishing to acquire, merge or divest divisions.

We are industry agnostic. We have significant experience in retail, consumer products, manufacturing, healthcare, business and professional services, financial services, automotive, energy, technology, among others.

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Hilco Real Estate Announces the Sale of Surplus Properties and Development Lots Located Throughout the U.S.

Jul 10, 2020


Hilco Real Estate, LLC announces August 5, 2020, as the offer deadline for the sale of more than 20 surplus assets located throughout 15 different cities in ten states across the U.S. These properties are being sold on behalf of Exide Technologies, a global provider of stored energy solutions for a wide range of applications in the transportation and industrial markets. 

Exide Technologies, LLC is headquartered in Milton, Georgia, and operates in 80 countries with more than 8,000 employees. As  global provider of stored electrical-energy solutions for more than 130 years, Exide produces a range of battery and energy storage systems and specialty applications for the Transportation, Network Power and Motive Power markets and industries including agricultural, automotive, electric, light and heavy-duty truck, marine, materials handling, military, mining, power-sport, railroad, security, telecommunications, utility and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), among others. As one of the world’s largest secondary recyclers, the company is committed to environmental sustainability. Exide filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in order to restore the company’s liquidity after the unprecedented global health and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The portfolio of assets being offered for sale is comprised of well-located industrial facilities, industrial and commercial development parcels, residential lots and rental properties, which are all available for purchase individually or in any combination. Highlights within the portfolio include the following: a highly-desirable 16-acre redevelopment parcel in Vernon, Calif., minutes from downtown Los Angeles; a 550,000± SF rail-served facility in Columbus, Ga., with convenient access to I-185; a 500,000± SF facility in Reading, Pa., located approximately one-hour northwest of Philadelphia; and a 31-acre development parcel just five miles from downtown Tampa, Fla., that provides easy access to deep-water port facilities directly on Tampa Bay.

Daniel Arnold, senior vice president at Hilco Global, stated, “This sale represents an exceptional opportunity for an end user or developer to purchase surplus assets from a Fortune 1000 company for immediate reuse or redevelopment. Well-situated properties offering significant square footage and sprawling acreage, like those included in this portfolio, don’t come to market very often.” He added, “The bankruptcy sale format will give buyers the chance to participate in a process that will have a swift timeframe and surety of closing with transparency throughout the sale.”
The offer deadline is scheduled for Wednesday, August 5, 2020. Bids must be delivered to the offices of Hilco Real Estate on or before 5:00 p.m. (CT) on the day of the deadline to be considered. Interested buyers should review the detailed sale terms for requirements in order to participate in the sale process available on Hilco’s website. Bids may be submitted via mail to the following address: Hilco Real Estate, 5 Revere Drive, Suite 320, Northbrook, IL 60062, or via email to smadura@hilcoglobal.com. 

<gu-sc>For more information on how to view each of the properties and schedule on-site tours, please contact Fernando Palacios at <gu-sc-dial data-dn="8779337779" title="Click to Connect 8779337779"><gu-sc-img></gu-sc-img>(877) 933-7779</gu-sc-dial> or fpalacios@hilcoglobal.com. <gu-sc-orig style="display: none;">For more information on how to view each of the properties and schedule on-site tours, please contact Fernando Palacios at (877) 933-7779 or fpalacios@hilcoglobal.com. </gu-sc-orig></gu-sc>

<gu-sc>For further information on the property, an explanation of the sale process, sale terms or to obtain access to property due diligence documents, please visit HilcoRealEstate.com or call <gu-sc-dial data-dn="8557552300" title="Click to Connect 8557552300"><gu-sc-img></gu-sc-img>(855) 755-2300</gu-sc-dial>. <gu-sc-orig style="display: none;">For further information on the property, an explanation of the sale process, sale terms or to obtain access to property due diligence documents, please visit HilcoRealEstate.com or call (855) 755-2300. </gu-sc-orig></gu-sc>

The company’s retention of Hilco Real Estate, LLC is subject to Bankruptcy Court approval.


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