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Hilco Corporate Finance will identify, evaluate, select and pursue the best options for each unique situation. Our team of experts will formulate value projections, identify counter parties, prepare marketing materials, and assist with the myriad of issues and decisions you may face within your unique situation. Our team of professionals will provide proven leadership and a global reach with a track record of success for middle market companies.

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We create incremental value in the transaction process for Middle Market Companies. By taking advantage of our extensive platform of services, resident knowledge and global reach we work to identify the intrinsic value of the business asset, deliver a clear approach to maximize and monetize the value of that asset, and provide valuation services including lending, financial reporting, compliance, fairness opinions, tax, and dispute resolution.

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For 30 years Hilco Global has focused on Middle Market customers. We understand the marketplace well. Our corporate finance organization focuses on transactions between $20 and $250 million for small and middle-market companies headquartered in North America and larger companies wishing to acquire, merge or divest divisions.

We are industry agnostic. We have significant experience in retail, consumer products, manufacturing, healthcare, business and professional services, financial services, automotive, energy, technology, among others.

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Hilco Global Provides Hurricane Relief to Louisiana Communities Heavily Impacted by Hurricane Ida

Nov 04, 2021

The essential items, worth over $130,000 at retail, were given directly to the hardest hit areas around the Jean Lafitte community as they continue the clean up efforts weeks after Hurricane Ida devastated the area

Hilco Global, an international financial services company and the world's preeminent authority on asset valuation, monetization, advisory, and capital solutions, announced today that through its philanthropic arm Hilco Helps, it has donated over $130,000 at retail worth of new essential goods in an effort to aid communities impacted by the recent, devasting Hurricane Ida. Among the tens of thousands of products shipped were important cleaning and paper supplies such as paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, wipes, bleach, insect killer and essential hygiene and clothing goods like baby wipes, diapers, laundry bags, and socks. The Hilco Helps donation accounted for approximately 50% of all goods being handed out via the local community distribution center.

Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Relief

Leveraging Hilco’s long-term relationship with the Louisiana public state agency NORA (New Orleans Redevelopment Authority) in bringing communities back post Hurricane Katrina, the area in and around Jean Lafitte, LA was identified as being most in need of the donated essential items. The products were distributed at the Jean Lafitte distribution center that is run by a combination of volunteers and paid staffers that has undertaken the task of distributing goods, food, and clothing to all 2,000 residents of Jean Lafitte and the neighboring communities.

“I am grateful that I work for an organization who cares so much about the community and was ready to give a hand to those who needed it most.”, said Fernando Palacios, Managing Director of Hilco Real Estate. “After assisting with the distribution of goods in Jean Lafitte, we drove further south, and the destruction became nuclear.  The lowest part we could drive showed complete destruction of all homes and personal property.  These people literally have nothing left after Hurricane Ida. I am so glad that we were able to provide some support to those in the community.”

“We are pleased to have a partnership with an organization such as Hilco who is committed to assisting those in need.  The impact of the donation to the community is far reaching in that it is helping so many who have lost everything in the wake of Hurricane Ida.”, said Brenda Breaux Executive Director for NORA.

Hilco Global is focused on serving as a good corporate citizen in the many local communities in which it works. In addition to the work the organization does with NORA, one of its other operating companies, Hilco Redevelopment Partners, is also working on a project in the News Orleans area at the former Avondale Shipyard. Hilco Redevelopment Partners is currently working to revitalize the former shipyard and, along with Avondale Marine, and plans to redevelop the site’s crane, dock and terminal assets while connecting global waterborne commerce with manufacturing, fabrication, and distribution facilities onshore with the goal of revitalizing commerce and bringing good jobs to the community.

Jeffrey Hecktman, Founder and CEO of Hilco Global says, “Hilco Global cares deeply about improving the lives of those in need across the nation and the global. In this case Hilco successfully leveraged our retail network to source and deliver items in a timely manner to aid the communities hardest hit by Hurricane Ida. I continue to be impressed by the willingness of our employees who are willing and able to pull resources together and make a difference.”

About Hilco Global:  Hilco Global (www.hilcoglobal.com) is a privately held diversified financial services company and the world's preeminent authority on maximizing the value of assets for both healthy and distressed companies.  Hilco Global financial services leverage a unique blend of deep restructuring and advisory experience with capital solutions and principal investing. Hilco Global delivers customized solutions to undervalued, high potential companies to resolve complex and stressed situations and enhance long-term enterprise value.  Hilco Global operates as a holding company comprised of over twenty specialized business units that work to help companies understand the value of their assets and as needed monetize the value. Hilco Global has almost 4 decades of a successful track record of acting as an advisor, agent, investor and/or principal in any transaction. Hilco Global works to deliver the best possible result by aligning interests with clients and providing them strategic insight, advice, and, in many instances, the capital required to complete the deal. Hilco Global is based in Northbrook, Illinois and has 700 professionals operating on five continents with US offices located in Boston, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and internationally in Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands,  Mexico and throughout Asia.

About Hilco Helps: Hilco Helps (www.hilcohelps.com) serves as a Hilco Global worldwide initiative to support causes and not-for-profit organizations that help enhance the lives and maximize the potential of the world's most important assets: Human Assets. Through many Hilco Helps programs, the organization works to improve the lives of those in need (often children) in communities that are underserved and require assistance to maximize their full potential. Hilco Helps provides millions of dollars of support (through in-kind donations, direct donations, and marketing efforts/sponsorship) to nonprofit groups doing outstanding work. In addition to direct financial support, the company's employees donate time to relief efforts in disaster zones, churches, schools, etc., across the country and offer internship opportunities to mentor and engage young people worldwide.

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